I am was a PhD student at the Department of Government and International Relations of the University of Sydney. I was awarded the PhD on August 2017.

In my current project I represent online discussion forums of political organisations as networks. I then analyse them to find interesting – and possibly unexpected – characteristics. Right now I am working on the forums of the Five Star Movement.

Before I worked in development assistance for both governmental and non-governmental agencies in Ecuador, Guatemala, Mauritius and Afghanistan. In Australia I collaborated with a governmental research centre.

If you consider that I was also briefly employed by the University of Cambridge (I served beer in the bar of Trinity College), I so far managed to work in 5 continents. I am currently looking for an excuse to pick up a job in Antarctica.

I like data analytics (who is not in these days) and data structures. I learned how to code few years ago by taking my first Massive open online course (Programming Methodology offered by Stanford University). Online high quality free education made me love the Internet and what it represents even more. I also love typography and if I need to choose I choose Palatino.

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